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idea: a lament

[reading time 3 minutes]

I wrote this on a plane. I wrote it because I saw a concept on the plane that sixty years ago was considered disgusting and abnormal. No longer. It doesn’t really matter what the ‘concept' was but it got me marvelling at how an idea, any idea, can be dressed, manicured and botoxed into the ‘hero of a thousand faces’.

I also wrote it because when an idea, even a disgusting and abnormal idea, can be dressed up and positively spun, the media and PR Managers gain but we lose. What do we lose - we lose reasonable truth. Hence the ebb and flow and then the pronouncement at the end of this strange little poem... 

IMG 4145

Idea burst onto the scene 
Like thirty thousand cellphones
At a rock concert.
As white as American teeth.
As polished as fake woodgrain. 

Idea looked good
As firm and smooth and real
As airbrushed glossies. 
Idea was buff,
Pecs with silicone implants...
Idea had Botoxed face-skin
Idea looked good.
Idea WAS good.

Idea was the hero of a thousand faces
And the faces were beautiful 

Sports field: Idea flashes a smile
A wink to the crowd
And the crowd roars. 

Movies: Idea flexes steel biceps
Regally poses for the audience
And the audience worships. 

In politics idea publicised 
In music it rocked 
"What the!?” 
At the MTV awards
In radio laughed
In television cheered
In medicine placebo-ed

Idea got endorsed by Nike. 
Scandalised by Reebok
Interviewed by Ellen.
Advertised by all. 

Idea spams inboxes everywhere
Shows up right-columned on Facebook
Left-columned on 'get up’
Premium-ed by google hits
Tweeted shared shared tweeted 
Branded distributed owned sold 

Idea screen-glowed blue and bright. 
Wherever it w-e-n-t.

But then Idea 
Smile-fully botoxed  
Got caught starting a war.
With chemicals and dirty nukes. 
Idea got caught starting bush fires
With 7/11 petrol and a creepy grin

Idea got caught dumping a body 
After the rape.
Idea was in sweatshops
In Child armies
In landmines and IEDs
In banking profits
And white collar winks

Idea road-raged.
Idea littered
Idea killed kittens
Idea spat 

But on-screen
Idea got a Hollywood shine
Screen-glowed blue and bright. 
With a rocking soundtrack
And a PG+13 rating.
Idea got therapy from Phil
Idea needed understanding
And got it, along with airtime
Gone viral 18 million times

But then
Idea got caught with child porn.
Lawyers with American teeth
Polished, firm and smooth
Leapt to Idea's defence 
With a million dollar lawsuit.
Polished firm and smooth. 

Murdoch's free press freely pressed 
The cause of Idea
The cause of the world
Nothing to be seen here
No such thing as ‘porn’
No such thing as 'child'

No child-porn

But the prosecution
Furiously clear-sighted 
and fired up by innocence desecrated
Jumped to their feet bellowing
"No such thing as porn?"
"No such thing as child?”
"Then, Ergo
No such thing as Idea!"

The judge
With a frown-less,
Feature-less face
And then proclaimed:

“Exactly. Case dismissed."

 © pastoringpilot@reformplease.com