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My odd blog is by me: a pastoring, piloting, X gen dad, husband, friend, brother, ex-lumber-jack, ex literature student, ex army officer who tries to write (emphasis on ’tries’) about religion & reform (i.e. real life…) but with a big emphasis on please

It’s kinda part memoir, part confession, part wacky soap opera - all from a full-time pilot-dad-husband trying to pastor (a 'pastoring pilot’). When I write I’m trying to make sense of church-life conflict, church-life redemption, church-life politics, church-life personalitics. Mostly I'm just expressing the need to get some of these crazy bi-vocational flying-church-family adventures and musings into words.

Full disclosure (as they like to say): I like to think I'm a successful pilot (so far). But (darn this full disclosure thingy) I’m also a failed church planter (so far) And now I'm at it again (the church planting that is...) 

This means no success formulas, just a bunch of crazy, mixed up trip-stumble-fall-get up stories, poems and thoughts from behind the pulpit and 6000 feet above it.  

They start here

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